zondag 6 januari 2013

Easy Street en UFO Sunday

Easy Street en UFO Sunday vallen mooi samen! Ik heb een top die af is en dus heb ik gewerkt aan een UFO. Tadaa; daar is mijn variant van de Easy Street. Ik vind hem goed gelukt! Maandag zal ik deze blog linken bij Bonnie, de bedenker van dit moois en kun je ook bij anderen kijken.
This week UFO Sunday and Easy Street serve two purposes; working on a UFO and finishing my Easy Street version. I really like it!! Monday I will link this post with Bonnie, she is the designer of this masterpiece. Later,

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shilsenbeck zei

Love your complex piecing. I assume the 'block' is the green parts (on-point), and the sashing is what looks like the main block. Really nice colors.

Gerda zei

Actually, these are all blocks, the quilt is diagonally build. If you would like to see the pattern; you can find it here: http://quiltville.blogspot.nl/p/easy-street-mystery.html

LynCC zei

Nice job on Easy Street!

tiny zei

Hij is prachtig geworden, en deze kleuren vind ik ook prachtig.

Cheryl Willis zei

very nice!

SM RE zei

What a great job you have done! I am in the middle of step 2 as well speak...I like the way your project is turning out!

Pascale zei

Oh I love your choice of colours, the yellow background is much softer than white. Bravo for a beautiful quilt.

SubeeSews zei


Cathy zei

I didn't participate in Bonnie's mystery this year. Now I wish I had. How pretty!

Anja zei

Aparte kleurencombinatie. Mooi!

Barbara Sindlinger zei


Anoniem zei

Absolutely beautiful! Love your colors!


Art by Rhoda Forbes zei

Love your colors, nice work.

Anoniem zei

Ooh, this looks fabulous! Love the yellow background.